Bondage Game (2003) (en)

Bondage Game 2003
  • Original title: ボンデージ・ゲーム〜深窓の隷嬢達〜
  • Evaluation: 1 (Votes: 1)
  • Release date 2003-04-25 (2003)
  • Keywords: uncensored, hentai

Bondage Game Download - Those who are at the top of a zaibatsu, a large Japanese business conglomerate, tend to have eccentric tastes. For one particular executive, his hobby of choice is spending his fortune on women, buying sex slaves naturally. At his luxurious mansion in the most remote of locations, he spends his time training his pets far from prying eyes. An acquaintance of his shares the same pastime, and the two one day decide to compete to see who can train the best sexual servants. At the same time, an amnesiac young lady shows up at the doorstep, not realizing what awaits as the game begins.
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